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MEJIBRAY’s in-store event at Like an Edison Tokyo store on Sept. 28th, 2014.

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Reita: This is a story from when I was in elementary school. I had a white rabbit then. I left that rabbit in a huge cage, and I would often put a collar on it and take it out with me to play. But, one day, when I got back from school, the rabbit wasn't in its cage. Even though my sister was only joking when she said, 「Granny threw it away,」I went and gave my granny a light kick in the butt when she was sleeping...to this day, I still think what I did was terrible, and I'm really sorry I did it.
Aoi: I only injured my mom one time, around the time when I was quitting high school. I was going out at night to go play and hang out, and she stopped me. When I was shaking off the hand she grabbed me with, I elbowed her in the arm, and she got a bruise. At that time, I kept going, 「I'm sorry」, but no matter how much I apologized, I also felt hurt and guilty.
Uruha: That's not bad, you know. When I went through my rebellious stage in middle school, I put holes in the wall, stole bikes, shoplifted, kicked my mom in the back, fought with my sister, but I didn't want to lose to my dad, so I didn't fight with him much. Well, my rebellious spirit was really dependent on other people's kindness.
Kai: For me, I felt my father was an unforgivable person, so I was always defiant towards him. There were endless reasons on top of that, but at any rate, each time he made my mother cry, my dad and I got in a fist fight. As a result, when my parents divorced, and they were deciding, 「Who's going to have custody of him,」 I made it clear that I was going to be in my mother's custody.
Reita: On that note, Aunty says you're the spitting image of your father.
Kai: What?! I always thought, 「I never want to be like my father」though...You're kidding right? About that? (laugh)
Ruki: For me, I went through my rebellious period until recently. Especially with things related to the band...Recently though, when I was doing an interview for a magazine like this, I've gotten some support. At any rate, there were disagreements (laugh). And there were times when I ran away from home. But when it comes to hitting me when I was rebellious, in my situation, should I say that there wasn't an instance like that? My parents are super strong. Things like my dad's punches, if you took one of those, your vision would go white. And kicking into my mum...Even until now, it's really scary. But, well, I have a nice dad and mom!
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